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The Role of “Agreements” in EU Labor Law Policy

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On January 27th this year, I published EU no rōdōhō seisaku (EU labor law policy) through JILPT. This is a complete reworking of EU rōdōhō no keisei (Formation of EU labor law), published in the days of the Japan Institute of Labor in 1998. It adopts a historical viewpoint in describing nearly every topic raised as legal policy – both those that have borne fruit as directives and those that have yet to do so – across the whole spectrum of EU labor law, based on various published materials, media reports and so on. Running to more than 500 pages in quite fine print, the book introduces detailed EU legal policy on issues currently topical in Japan, namely equal pay for equal work and regulation of long working hours; on a broader level, however, it is full of knowledge and information that will be of use for people with an interest in labor law policy in the UK, France, Germany and other EU member states.




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